Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Not-So-Serious Gen Resolutions

Happy New Year to you all!

I know that lots of folks are crafting their gen-resolutions for the coming year...making their lists, and checkin' 'em twice.

Actually, many have actually posted them already....ahem, on TIME, on New Year's Day.  And here I am, a day later...doesn't bode well for that resolution to organize, huh?!

Withut further ado, here's my Letterman-style list of Top Ten Gen Resolutions (in no particular order):

10)  If a long lost cousin should contact me, and the caller ID reads "state prison",  I will not accept the charges (no matter how many family pictures he might claim to have).

9)  I will gather DNA samples to see if the Kardashians are distantly related to Paris Hilton's pocket dog.  

8)  I will recognize - by the glazed look in their eyes - that some of my own family members are no longer interested in hearing about their own family history.  Then I'll talk about it anyway.

7)  I will never, ever wear a T-shirt that says "I Heart Microfiche" (OK, maybe just not out of the house).

6)  I will not attempt to make a profit at genealogy (duh, that's easy)!

5)  I will not get annoyed at the relative who keeps asking, "So, how's the geology going?"

4)  If attending a seance, I will make any spirits who come forward prove their relation to me.

3)  I will not attend cocktail parties where people have lively discussions about the proper use of footnotes.

2)  When attending a gen conference, I will never tote a suitcase full of records large enough to hold a dead ancestor (or two).

And the Number One Gen Resolution for 2012 is....(drum roll)...

1)  To prove that Ryan Seacrest is capable of replicating himself.

PLEASE...if you're true friends, I expect you to keep after me, and make sure I stick with this.  I need to accomplish things that give my life meaning on this planet.  Thanx!


  1. Love those resolutions! Keep up the great work, Liesa. I resolve to meet you face-to-face this year!

  2. Lol!! Great list I love it! Especially #5 & #6!!

  3. Thanks for the feedback...I suspect Ryan Seacrest may also be related to that pocket dog...

  4. #3 is a great one. Drunk Genealogists start to tell a story then can't cite their source. Avoid that at all costs! (chuckle)

  5. This is so true... "I need to accomplish things that give my life meaning on this planet. Thanx!"

  6. Haha! Randall - do genealogists drink, though? I mean, anything other than 17th century mead?

    MThomp - if that IS the case for you - please don't follow anything on this list. ;-)

  7. Love your list. How about an addendum to #5? I will not get annoyed at the relative who asks if I have finished that genelaogy yet. :)

  8. Jen, your addendum is heartily accepted! Good one!