Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Case of the Found Cremains

When I learned of this story, I was still wearing shorts, lathering up with sunscreen, and wading in the waters of Good Harbor Beach.  Now, the leaves have fallen, and the water's turned cold (or, I should say, colder, since it never really gets warm here in New England).

But intriguing stories have little or no shelf life; when I worked in TV news, these are the stories we would call "evergreens" - good for any occassion, they were stacked on the shelf and ready to roll at a moment's notice.  So, as we used to say back then, "roll tape"...

No matter where I go, I usually do a bit of research - just for fun - to see where the local haunts are near my vacation spot.  Yes, "haunts" - as in, places where ghostly spectres are rumored to roam.

Last August, while sipping coffee on the back deck of our Gloucester rental, I came across the web page for the "Cape Ann Paranormal Society" (CAPS).  One story in particular caught my eye.  A CAPS member had been strolling by another beach in town when he made a bizarre discovery.

He happened to glance down at the shoreline, and there was a battered black box.  Curious, he clambered down for a look.  On the cover was an address in faded ink.  Yards of clear packing tape had been wound around the box, over and over again, in an attempt to secure it from the elements.

Yet the box had broken open; two soggy photos peered out.  Inside was still another container - and it held human cremains.

My chair crashed forward.  I spit out my coffee.  A case!  Maybe I could trace these remains and help return them to the owner!  I Googled the CAPS member and eagerly dialed his number...

Remember how I mentioned I was in the TV business?  Tradition dictates that you let the interest of the audience reach a crescendo - then break for commercials.

To Be Continued....

(Photo taken by CAPS)


  1. No fair! Making us wait....Ok, I waited one day, so where is the rest of the story!

  2. Heather, if you have a complaint, please contact our Customer Service Dept....joking! I'll conclude the story over the weekend. :-)